WebSite Design Whether you are looking for a new auditor or just looking for a write up, we are here to serve you. Audits provide the highest degree of assurance for evaluators. At Cole & Associates, we use various techniques to verify the accuracy of the information in the statement, and then we give you our opinion and consultation on the fairness of the financial statements. We also provide written assurance that the underlying data has been tested and that financial reports are ‘fairly presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).’ The measure for 'fairly presented' is that there is less than 5% chance (5% audit risk) that the financial statements are 'materially misstated'. In a compilation, Cole & Associates not only demonstrates a high level of knowledge of accounting principles and practices but also makes certain that the data are in the correct format and clerically accurate. Assurance Services     Regulatory Audits     Financial Statement Audits     Reviews & Compilations     Quality Control Analysis     Risk Advisory Cole & Associates LLC    Copyright © 2011 | About Us | Contact | Privacy Policy | Sitemap