Loudoun County CPA and Tax Consultant Northern Virginia Tax Consultant and CPA | Michael Cole What We Do and What Our Skills Are: Tax services Budgeting  Consulting Financial Management Needs  Not-For-Profit Organization Experience Small Business Accounting Individual Services Auditing and Compilation Services You also want the support of a team dedicated to providing the best accounting services for your business needs. That would be Cole & Associates. Our unique, small business and not-for-profit experience combined with experienced personnel- Cole & Associates was established to address the variables that are critical to the success and profitability of your business and most of all, business-needs that matter to you most. Our range of consulting services is designed to address our clients’ short- and long-term operating needs. Companies of all sizes rely on us to provide turnkey solutions. Take your business where you’d like it to go…higher, farther, sooner…and let us help. Get in touch with Cole & Associates today!   703-298-7471 or 571-313-0079      The difference between a good consultant and a great one? Coming up with strategies and solutions that don't just address a situation, but actually help improve it. At Cole & Associates, we go beyond compliance and work with client management to develop and implement growth and profit strategies that create breakthrough performance improvements. We help businesses achieve their goals by increasing revenues, reducing costs, and enhancing their customer satisfaction. Cole & Associates Copyright © 2012 | About Us | Contact | Privacy Policy | Sitemap WebSite Design