WebSite Design Cole & Associates provides a full line of outscourced accounting and bookkeeping, 990 preparation and planning Services for Not for Profit organizations. At Cole & Associates, we provide monthly accounting services that are based on a fixed price fee which you know in advance.   You decide how much work we do and you always know how much our services cost. The most important part of our service philosophy is our desire to become more than just a provider of services. We want to be a trusted member of your team.  More than supplying the necessary numbers, we want to provide and offer proactive, innovative ideas to help you save money, improve revenue, increase cash flow and expand your organization. We leverage the power of the internet to provide you with instant access to all your financial information at any time -  while removing the burden of running and managing  an accounting department with limited resources. We can either augment or replace your bookkeeper with a CPA / CFO and accountant from Cole & Associates for less money than you are currently paying.  You get two experts for the price of one and we become a valuable member of your team. If you are starting a new organization and don't want to hire an accountant we can become your in- house accounting department For more information and a free quote give us a call at             703-298-7471      Our Bookkeeping Process: Initial review of your organization to give us the knowledge we need understand your organizional and financial goals. We work with your existing system or implement a new accounting system that meets your needs Assign a professional CPA / CFO and accountant to your business Through the use of scanning technology, fax or local pickup, we enter all your source documents (Bills, invoices, payroll, etc.) directly into your accounting system Provide access to all your accounting information and reports at anytime CFO services that provide you with monthly account analysis, including key ratios, key performance indicators, and interpretation, cash flow planning and business advice and consulting Daily offsite backups and Virus Protection in a encrypted secure envionment In-person monthly meetings and Prompt telephone and/or e-mail support. Non-Profit, Not-For-Profit Accounting Services Cole & Associates LLC    Copyright © 2011 | About Us | Contact | Privacy Policy | Sitemap